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Early Years 2023/2024

 Top Tips to Support Reading at Home

Firstly, welcome to the Early Years web page. We have provided an insight into what is happening in school for your child and a general overview of the key information you need to know. You will find more detail on what your child will be learning on the Curriculum pages on the website and via the termly newsletters. 

Term 1 newsletter and home learning

Term 2 newsletter and home learning

Term 4 newsletter and home learning 

Term 5 newsletter and home learning

Term 6 newsletter and home learning

EYFS Roots of Learning  

This year the Early Years team consists of Mr Cooke, Mrs Palmer, Mrs Kelly, Miss Hibbert, Mrs Daubney, Miss Hayes-Jackson and Miss Fay.

Early Years will be having PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please can children come into school wearing their PE kits on these days.

We also regularly visit Green Zone. Remember to have a look at Tapestry to see what we get up to. 

Year R Green Zone Fun

 Below you will find an overview of our planned learning each term. For more information on what your child will be learning in year R please see the curriculum pages on the website and termly newsletters. 




Term 1

 All about me!


Local Area Walk with Picnic


·        Communication and Language: Repetitive story language

·        Literacy: Baseline assessment, Traditional Tales, Stanley’s Stick

·        Mathematics: Baseline assessment, White Rose- getting to know you, just like me, Numicon counting

·        Physical Development: Gross motor/ fine motor skills

·        Understanding the world: My family, myself, non-fiction

·        Personal Development: How to make friends, Colour Monster

·        Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring media and materials- decorate your stick, paint colour mixing,         collages

Deal Gym

GZ- stick play

Term 2

 Ticket to Ride!

 Term 3

Visit to the Transport Museum

  • Communication and Language: The Snail and the Whale, Phase 3 phonics, Christmas list
  • Literacy: Naughty Bus, Bob, Man on the Moon, Way Back Home
  • Mathematics: (WR- Alive in 5, Growing 6,7,8), measuring
  • Physical Development: Gymnastics / Dance
  • Understanding the world: Visiting transport, maps, rockets, planets
  • Personal Development: Emotions/ feelings, Jigsaw
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Making rockets, moon scape, vehicles


Deal Gym









 Term 3 

Terrific Tales

Hook: Puppet Show 




   Communication and Language: Traditional Tales

  • Literacy: Phase 2 phonics, Retelling traditional tales, drama
  • Mathematics: (WR- it's me, 1,2,3 and Light and Dark), 2D/3D shape, patterns
  • Physical Development: Large scale apparatus, safe movement 
  • Understanding the world: Cookery, Sorting Materials, Chinese New Year, The weather 
  • Personal Development: Taking turns (Jigsaw)
  • Expressive Arts and Design:  Puppets, cooking, Art from other cultures, using different media and styles e.g. Gaugin, tribal art, Aboriginal art and songs


Deal Gym

Deal Library



Term 4

 Come Outside



Betteshanger Country Park

·        Communication and Language: Show and tell- speaking/listening skills, Phase 3 / 4 phonics

·        Literacy: Hungry Caterpillar, What the Ladybird Heard

·        Mathematics: (WR- building 9 and 10, consolidation unit), days of the week, time

·        Physical Development: Team games- tennis, football, rugby skills

·        Understanding the world: Mini beast classification, planting seeds, bug hunt, Spring Watch-BBC

·        Personal Development: Staying safe, Jigsaw

·        Expressive Arts and Design:  finger painting, drama, role play, still life skills- drawing, shading, mixed media, charcoal, pastels


Deal Gym

Pond dipping GZ

Flower field walk


Term 5

 Amazing Animals



Zoo Lab



·        Communication and Language: Tiger Who Came to Tea, Emperor's Eggs

·        Literacy: Handa's Surprise, Dinosaur Roar

·        Mathematics: part part whole, weight, money (WR- To 20 and Beyond, First, Then, Now)

·        Physical Development: Team Games, ball skills

·        Understanding the world: Natural world around us, Habitats

·        Personal Development: Circle Time activities, P4C

·        Expressive Arts and Design: Animal patterns, Texture, Rousseu's Tiger, African Music and Artwork



Deal Gym





Term 6

 Fun at the Seaside



Beach Trip, Pirate Party

·        Communication and Language: Retelling stories, Phase 3 and 4 phonics

·        Literacy: Blue Planet, Surprising Sharks, non fiction, Rainbow fish 

·        Mathematics: Part Part Whole, weight, Money, (WR- Find My Pattern, On the Move)

·        Physical Development: Team games, ball skills

·        Understanding the world: Natural World around us - Local beach, what lives in the sea, protecting our planet, Pirates - history

·        Personal Development: P4C, Jigsaw- moving on- transitions

·        Expressive Arts and Design: Wax resist, creature design, pattern, texture, Pirate flags and songs


Beach Trip

Deal Gym

Pirate Day




How to prepare your child for starting school


Reading / Phonics

We follow  Little Wandle early reading. Please look at our Phonics and Early reading policy


Term 1 and 2 Phonics home learning

Term 3 Phonics home learning

 Term 5 Phonics home learning 

Term 6 Phonics home learning


The main focus this term is ‘number recognition and counting’. The children will learn how to recognise, order and sequence numbers to 10 and then onto 20. Keep a look out for numbers all around you and encourage your child to count and sort using numbers and objects. At home try to use mathematical language to help sort and count different objects. Cooking and shopping are two excellent ways to introduce practical maths. We will also be introducing 2d shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, rectangles.


PE / Outdoor Learning

Each week your child will be taking part in indoor and outdoor activities. These will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Children will need to come to school on these days wearing their PE kits.


The children will be spending lots of time in our Green Zone and will be participating in lots of fun forest school activities.  The children can arrive into school wearing their warm, messy clothes and their wellies.


It is really important the children stay hydrated through the day so please ensure they have a named water bottle in class. Please ensure only plain water in water bottles please. Any clothing and footwear need to  be  correctly labelled with your child’s name as they do have a habit of going here, there and everywhere! Fruit is provided for morning break but your child can bring in a piece of fruit of their own, if they wish.

One last thing, Friday is ‘Golden Time’ so the children are allowed to bring in their own toy from home, to play with (make sure it is not too big, expensive or precious!)


Hopefully this has given you an insight into what’s happening this term. We are really excited to welcome your child to our Early Years setting and we cannot wait to start our learning adventure. We hope the children will have a fantastic time and that they really enjoy their time in early years. We will provide a caring and happy environment, which will enable your child to explore, create and become inquisitive and independent learners.

Thank You

Mr Cooke / Mrs Palmer