Sandown School

Year 3 2020/21 

Welcome to Year 3!

The teaching team in year 3 consist of Mrs Bailey, Mrs Harris, Miss Roberts and Mrs Howard.

Year 3 will be having PE on a Monday.

Please come to school on a Monday wearing your  PE kit.

If your child is in isolation due to Covid-19 symptoms or is waiting for the results of a test in your household please inform the school via the Schools COVID phone (07928949737). Remote learning then will be made available for you via Tapestry.  

09/07/21 update : Home learning will be updated daily on Tapestry. 

Resources for the week can be found here

Term 1

Turner and the Elements

Possible enrichment

Maths: Number and place value

Literacy: poetry/letters

Topic - Geog: Maps History: Turners life

Science: light

Computing: Being Safe Online

RE: People of God, what is it like to follow god?

Music: Charanga- let your spirit fly

PE: Multi skills/Kwik cricket/swim

• French: I am learning French

Art Skill: painting

Art: painting

DT: Stixx machine

PSHE: Being me in my world


Term 2

Through the ages... Ug’s Pants

Possible enrichment

Maths: Addition and Subtraction
Literacy: Diary and character descriptions
Topic – Hist: stone age
Science: Rocks
Computing: Information Technology: Internet research
RE: Sikhism, what is important for Sikh people
Music: Charanga- Glokenspiel
PE: gymnastics/kwick cricket/swim
French: animals
Art skill: textiles
DT: joining textiles (UGs pants)
PSHE: Celebrating difference

Click here for Term 2 Home Learning


Term 3

No mountain high enough

Possible enrichment

Maths: Multiplication and division

Literacy: Non-fiction, newspaper article

Topic – Geog: Mountains

Science: inventors (focus on Snowdonia)

Computing: Information technology: word processing

RE: incarnation-what is the trinity

Music: Charanga- Three little birds

PE: Dance/football

French: instruments

Art skill: printing

PSHE: Dreams and goals

Trip – Library

Climb up the beach endurance challenge

Term 4

How to be an Anglo Saxon

Possible enrichment

Maths: Fractions

Literacy: writing to entertain

Topic –Hist: Anglo Saxons

Science: Animals including humans

Computing: Information technology: Presentation skills

RE: salvation- why do Christians call it good Friday

Music: Charanga- The dragon song

PE: Gymnastics/tennis

DT: Anglo Saxon bread

French: ancient Britain

Art: Printing

PSHE: Healthy me

Anglo Saxon day

Term 5

Wild and free

Possible enrichment

Maths: Measurement and shapes
Literacy: Instructions
Topic – Geography: Europe
Science: Plants
computing: Computer science: coding
RE: kingdom of god- Pentecost
Music: Charanga- bringing us together
PE: Yoga /Handball
French: little red riding hood
Art skill: drawing    DT: gardens
PSHE: relationships

Click here for Term 5 Home Learning

Trip - Betteshanger

Performance at Green Zone



Term 6

Dream of Dragons

Possible enrichment

Maths: statistics and revision

Literacy: Persuasive texts

Topic –Hist: Vikings

Science: Magnets

Computing: computer science: coding

RE: Sikhism- how do Sikh people worship

Music: Charanga- reflect, rewind and replay

PE: OAA/athletics

French: I can

Art:3D skills

PSHE: changing me/RSE

Trip – Dover Museum

 Rapid recall facts